The Daily Stroll LLC is the brainchild of Owner and Founder Bryn Paige Ambrose. We are a new dog walking company! We are committed to the best treatment and care for your pups!  All of our employees have had prior experience handling and caring for animals, including volunteering at animal shelters, or are trained for a month by the owner, Bryn, to do so before full-time employment. Since safety is our top priority, we only hire the best of handlers! We want our handlers to be your pup's new best friend.

We do our best to walk dogs in green-space, unless owners request otherwise. In winter the salt on the roads tends to irritate the dogs' paws, and in the summer their paw pads can burn because the concrete heats up so much. Because we are committed to the best treatment and care of your pet, we are committed to only walking the pups where they are most comfortable.

Lastly, all of our pups in either walks, playgroups,or daycare must undergo a temperament test before being allowed into our groups. Safety is our number one concern, so therefore we need to make sure that every pup is comfortable and at ease when in their group. Evaluations are performed by either Bryn, or one of the other managers at The Daily Stroll. Due to these evaluations, we, at The Daily Stroll, are proud to boast that we have yet to have any major incidents. We know that by being extra cautious, we are able to give owners the peace of mind to know that their pup is safe from harm and in an environment where they can thrive. 

About us

"Bryn is amazing!  She has a true love for dogs and an incredible work ethic!  I not only loved using her and felt comfortable allowing her access into my house, but I have recommended her to several friends who feel the same way!  My dog responded positively to her immediately!  I would most definitely use her again!"


~Lynne Satlof-Karas with Mookie

  Current Client

 "Wonderful, reliable dog walking service! Our dogs return home nice and tired! I highly recommend The Daily Stroll!"

~Moose and Logan's Mom

Current Client



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417 Harvard Street

Brookline, MA 02446
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