Meet Our Staff!

Bryn Paige Ambrose
Owner and Founder


​I graduated from Boston College in May, 2016. As a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian, so at age eight I started volunteering at a local emergency veterinary clinic.  I volunteered there on and off for about five years total. While volunteering, I shadowed the veterinarians and was able to sit in on surgeries, prep animals for surgery, and assist in the administration of various vaccinations and shots. I interacted with both healthy and sick dogs and cats on a day to day basis, and through this experience I became quite knowledgeable on proper animal behavior and how to spot unhealthy behavior. Because I was such a devoted and hard-working volunteer, I was hired as a Kennel Technician at age 15. As such, I cared for healthy animals that were boarding at the clinic. I walked dogs, fed them, and made sure that they were comfortable in their temporary housing. I was also responsible for bathing dogs and caring for homeless pets that were abandoned at the clinic, helping them find new homes. After two years of working at the clinic, I moved on and started working for a boarding kennel. The boarding kennel I worked at was owned and operated by a certified dog trainer, so while there, I was able to pick up on various training techniques and occasionally assist in training activities. I worked at the kennel for almost two years before moving to Boston. In Boston, I started dog walking. I have worked with dogs of all shapes and sizes, from three pound teacup yorkies to eighty pound Atlanta police dogs.

Christine Gabrielsen
"Hello! My name is Christine, and I started as a daycare attendant at the Brookline location, eventually moving on to become manager in 2019. I first started working at The Daily Stroll in October of 2015 during my senior year of college, and I loved it from the beginning! Once I graduated, I lived abroad for a year, and upon my return, I was ecstatic to be able to continue working at The Daily Stroll. 
I grew up in a household with two cats, but when I was 11, I decided that I wanted a dog. I spent the next 2 years researching dog breeds and trying to convince my parents that I was responsible enough to care for a dog. When I was 13, my parents finally gave in and we got a cocker spaniel, who I named Oliver. Now, he lives in New York with my parents. While working at TDS, I have adopted two mixed breed rescue pups - Wednesday and Potato - and they are my world. I am grateful that working at The Daily Stroll allows me to spend time with other loving pups like mine!"
Emma Netzel
Assistant Manager
Greetings! I am from Colorado and just moved to Boston in early March. At an early age, I begged my parents to get me a little dog. At the time, we already had a black lab, but I was very adamant that I wanted a small white dog. They granted my wish with a little Chihuahua named Beans :) After seeing my love for Beans, my uncle and aunt suggested that my dad and I start fostering. We began fostering for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, and I completely fell in love. I am very proud to say that we fostered out 11 dogs! I simply could not get enough time with the dogs, so while in my junior year of high school, I started a job at a local doggie daycare. Through dog daycare, I learned the meanings behind different behaviors and how to interact appropriately with the dogs. After having the opportunity to meet so many great dogs, I decided I needed my own. On November 11th, 2017, a little 30 pound Cattle Dog/Sharpei mix named Harvey came into my life, and he's been my best bud ever since! I am super pleased to be in Boston at The Daily Stroll, and hope to meet you soon!
Amber Bettencourt
Assistant Manager
Coming Soon!
James Williams
Dog Walker


Hey! My name is James Williams. I got my first dog, Sadie, when I was a teenager, and she is the reason I love dogs today! Sadie showed me how caring and kind dogs can be, and taught me to truly value their friendship. After Bryn and I met in 2015, I came on-board with the team at The Daily Stroll, and I've never enjoyed my job so much. Every day I get to come to a job I love, and simply play with, exercise, and entertain your dogs. I hope to get to know your "best friend" soon!
Liz Guerra
Professional Groomer
"Hey! My name is Liz, and I'm kind of a "jack of all trades" here at The Daily Stroll. I started as a dog walker, but then moved on to become a daycare attendant in the Allston facility, then the Brookline facility, then a bather, and now - after completing my schooling - a groomer! I started working here in May of 2017. Prior to working at The Daily Stroll, I had 5 years of experience working professionally with dogs as a daycare attendant/dog bather at a Grooming Salon and Daycare facility located in West Roxbury. Here at The Daily Stroll, my time is split almost evenly between dog walking, dog bathing, and working as a daycare attendant at either facility. I have three dogs of my own which are my world: Mimi, who is an 8 year old Basenji/Cocker Spaniel mix, Ms. Lila, who is a 6 year old French Bulldog, and Bradley, who is an 8 year old Min Pin Mix I "foster failed" while working at TDS. I can't wait to meet and snuggle your pups!" 
Lucy McGinnis
Dog Walker
"Growing up with an assortment of dogs, cats, rodents, and reptiles, I have always loved animals of all kinds. I started dog-sitting for my neighbors in Atlanta when I was in junior high. When I came to Boston for college in 2014, I really missed having pets around, so I started taking care of animals for families here, too. In 2018, I graduated from BU with a degree inMarine Science, and started working for TDS in January 2019. I love walking the same dogs on a regular basis and really getting to know their unique personalities."


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417 Harvard Street

Brookline, MA 02446
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