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We are here to take care of your special pup!  If you don't see a specific service on here, and you would like to request that service, feel free to             us!


Note: For any service (excluding grooming), second dog is half price!  



Two different services offered: 30 minute walks and 1 hour walks.


We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, so we try to walk the dogs on grass in local green-spaces. Although most people don’t think about it, prolonged and continuous walking on concrete can be harmful to a dog. The salt that is put down on the sidewalks during the winter tends to irritate the paw pads of the dogs. Also, during the summer, the concrete heats up to extreme temperatures and can burn the paw pads of the dogs. Our company addresses this issue by never walking dogs on concrete for a prolonged time, unless a dog owner requests otherwise.  

Our goal is that your dog returns home tired and happy! After each walk is over, we bring the dogs home and make sure they have plenty of water, feed them if required, and leave a detailed note explaining what all they did during the walk.

Cost (30 minutes): $15
Cost (1 hour): $25



A great option for clients who work longer hours. During daycare, dogs are welcome to lounge around our facility, free of kennels or enclosures. The place is very dog friendly, with couches for resting and toys for playing! Dogs are taken out at least every 2 hours. Every dog also goes on one half hour walk or park visit (off leash in a fenced-in park) once a day!


Cost: $30/day or $5/hour (if staying for less than 6 hours)


If your dog comes Monday through Friday, the cost per week is $125


Drop off and Pick up services are also available, for an additional $5 if one-way and $7 if both ways



Playgroups are our most popular service. This is a time for dogs to let loose! Playgroups are times for running, playing, chasing, and having a blast!


For playgroups, we come and pick up your dog. Then, we drive them to a local fenced-in dog park where we let them frolic off-leash! The company provides toys for the dogs to play with, so that no dog is ever bored and unhappy. Supervisors are constantly throwing balls and Frisbees, playing tug-a-war, and stimulating healthy play between the dogs.


Playgroup lasts for approximately 45 minutes. After playgroup is over, we bring the dogs home and make sure they have plenty of water, feed them if required, and leave a detailed note explaining what all they did during playgroup.


Cost: $20


In-Home Pet Boarding


Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

This service is only available for current clients, and is only provided on a case-by-case basis. For boarding, your pup is allowed to come to daycare during the day, then goes home with one of our daycare attendants for a nighttime sleepover at their house. Please contact the manager, Olivia Baker, regarding boarding.

Cost: $50/night



Our professionally trained groomers will pamper your pet to the extreme with a full-body makeover! Grooming services include a bath, brushing, nail service, ear rinse, and hair-cut (as needed). Please consult Olivia Baker for more specific grooming prices by breed, but please note that all prices quoted are simply breed-based, and the actual price of your dog’s groom will depend on both behavior and the condition of the coat.



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